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Ocean Mist not Rendering well in Firefox

  1. I use Ocean Mist and my sidebar is still not rendering properly in Firefox or Safari. My URL is

  2. Mark if you see this you're a missing a div closer in the template just after the drop down archives. That should do it.

  3. This may, or may not, help:

    IE7 - bullet point for the first entry in Categories, Top Posts, Blogroll and Meta is missing. All text is within the sidebar.

    Opera - displays as it should.

    Firefox - all bullet points are present. The top five Categories, top Top Post, top two Blogroll entries and top three Meta items are all displayed outside the sidebar.

  4. On further reflection it might be to do with the 22 validation errors. :) Nearly all are trivial but there are one or two that stand out. There is a js error for example.

  5. It appears this issue has fixed. My site is displaying properly in IE7, Firefox and Opera. Thanks to all involved. Any clues as to what broke it in the first place?

  6. I agree with envirofuel - seems to be working fine, except:

    (a) bottom 'padding' for the Search widget seems to be missing in Firefox (works in IE)
    (b) a bit of a (both) side 'padding' for the Text1 widget would be nice :)

  7. Seems fine now. There is still the javascript error. And a bit of fine tuning needed.

  8. Alrighty!

    (a) in above has been resolved, (b) was a wish list any ways. As far as I am concerned, this has been resolved. First time I opened a topic on the forums - how do we mark this as resolved? Do I do it? Or does a moderator?

  9. thistimethisspace

    The original poster can change the status to "resolved" in their first post or a Moderator can do this.

  10. totalcollectioncommunity

    I love this theme, too and nice to hear it has been fixed.

  11. ummmm ... that's nice. Did you notice the theme was fixed way back in July and it's now September?

  12. I have an impression that's still not working well, there's a problem with aligning images with text, in firefox it's totaly messed up. I

  13. Can you give us a link where you see the issue?

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