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    I am helping a NGO with their website which seems to live here: http://www.ciudadanosdelmundo.org/ but is actually living here: http://fundacionciudadanosdelmundo.wordpress.com/

    Now, apart from the fact that nobody can tell me how they did this, I am wondering about the theme they used.
    It is Ocean Mist 1.2 by Ed Merrit (http://www.tenbytwenty.com/products/wordpress-themes/ocean-mist). But this theme is not part of the standard themes available to users on WordPress.com.

    Now I want to upgrade their theme to the latest version (Ocean Mist 2.0) but can’t find how to do this.

    So, could anyone tell me how they might have used a custom theme on a blog hosted at wordpress.com in the first place, and then on how I could change/upgrade it.

    Thanks a lot in Advance!



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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    I don’t know what Supportbot is talking about, but ust to be sure: I am referring to a blog which is not mine, but someone elses…




    You can’t change the version of Ocean Mist that blog is using. It looks to me like they’ve got the CSS upgrade and have done some changes by hand.


    Also, Ocean Mist is a currently available theme here at wordpress.COM. Whatever theme a blog is using at the moment will not show up in the theme list. There wouldn’t be any reason for it to show up. You cannot switch to a theme you are already using. If they were using a different theme, then Ocean Mist would show up in the list.

    The thing of having http://www.ciudadanosdelmundo.org/ show up as the URL for a blog hosted here is because they bought the domain mapping upgrade and mapped that new domain to the blog here.


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