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    I’d like to know what the owner has to do to get back his blog.

    He lost everything right now, and i don’t know how to get in contact with him. If you go now to that page, you’ll see it was almost destroyed (it’s a Spanish blog). So, what can we do about that?

    I hope you can help me (us) about this issue.

    Thank you.

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    1) Assume that we can’t read your mind and don’t understand what you mean by ‘destroyed’. Looks like most blogs I see here every day.

    2) Contact staff with an email to support at this domain and give specifics. Don’t make staff guess when it comes to stuff like this.

    3) Don’t scream to the high heavens about it. You’ll note that I changed the title of your thread. Rape victims don’t get their names published in the papers. There’s a reason for that since it would make them an easier target.

    I still want to know what the issue is. There’s a huge picture in there. If that’s the issue, then the poster needs to read the FAQ and learn how to use thumbnails. I wouldn’t call it hacked though.

    Hope this helps,



    Well, the issue is that the person who is administrating that blog right now, is not the original one. The real owner is another one.

    This “hacker” called Marcelo, says “regards, aaahhh, perhaps if i feel like it, i’ll give you back the blog” (of course, it is in Spanish: “Saludos, aaa, y por ahí, me da lástima y le devuelvo el blog.”).

    So i don’t think it’s normal. And the real owner has another blog with the same name but with another server and was hacked as well by the same person.

    Anyway, thanks for your help, and i think i’m gonna ask you after this to delete my posts.




    ocoadigital – please check your email.

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