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    This is trivial but annoying! One of my images has a mysterious dash at the start of the caption and I just can’t work out how to remove it. It doesn’t appear in the edit mode. Deleting the caption and retyping doesn’t help. Deleting the image and adding it anew from the gallery doesn’t help.

    Can anyone work out where it’s come from and how to get rid of it? Thanks!

    It’s at the foot of this page: http://jillsinclair.net/consultancy-projects/

    The blog I need help with is jillsinclair.net.


    That is a design element of the twenty eleven theme. It can be gotten rid of, but would require you to hack the caption code on an image-by-image basis. The other option is to modify the CSS but that takes the annually renewable, $30 Custom Design upgrade.


    tsp – many thanks! I had not thought of that! I have another blog with lots of images but a different theme, and hence no dash. And, although I have other images on this blog, none of them have captions. That’s why I thought it looked odd.

    If the hack is simple, I would happily do it just for this one image. If not, I’ll just live with my dash…


    I’ve tried one trick and it didn’t work. Let’s hope Panos comes around and sees this. He has hidden these before as I remember. He is the guru of HTML trickery.



    @panos, thanks. Didn’t know you had a post on it.


    Thanks to you both – works like a charm!

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