Odd email – Is this Spam?

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    For the past few days, I have gotten comments from the following person: pell grant, and study abroad scholarships, and both lefts comments complimenting my posts.

    I didn’t think about it, the first time but now I wonder. Are these spams? One claimed to subscribed to my site. What’s what.

    The blog I need help with is inspiration-point.org.



    Spam – I have a non-WP.COM site and I get spam regular noting that they have email subscribed – which does not exist on my site. Anything to get past the Spam filters or have you leave the Spam comments on your site.



    Then it would be a good idea to delete them? And, not bother in the future?



    Mark them as “spam” please so they get caught by the filter next time.



    Alright, I re marked those two as spam. Back they go!

    Here is the other one, I wanted to ask about:
    World Cup Soccer Balls pinged 1 day ago:

    Adidas – Football – Impossible is Nothing…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)



    Am I guessing rightly, the one from Adidias is real? Thought it interesting that he added a “Trackback” Does this mean he’ll know I put up new articles?



    Your site is different than my main site – but some of your Comments looked a lot like Spam I pitched – but with no URL for the poster / possible spammer I guess not much damage is done.

    Good luck




    These are certainly spam. If you find a generic comment from someone you don’t know in your Spam folder, it’s not a mistake – it’s spam. They’ll usually contain a link to a dodgy site.

    There are two good reasons not to un-spam these, even if they contain no links:

    1. You’ll attract more spam. Spammers search for sites that approve spam comments, and single them out for more spam in future.

    2. If search engines notice that your site contains links (in comments) to many bad sites, they’re likely to consider your blog a bad source.



    And a good way to find out if they *are* spam is to search part of the comment on Google or another search engine. If you see other sites with the exact same comment, or close enough, spam it is.



    Thanks guys.

    I already got rid of those three. There is one that started off with CNA training and had a name. I had a sense that I should get rid of it. I’ve also have 3 comments – 2 from physcician assistant and 1 therapist. The claim is “found through stumble upon. It was also the same day I got the spike in my pageview. :) I left those two on. Marked CNA Training as “spam” as there was a link to a site.
    I don’t think there is anymore, I hope.

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