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Odd quarks of Write Post

  1. Hello,
    1. When I write a post and if I do a copy/paste the text is pasted but the window scrolls back to the top of the post. Then I have to scroll back down again and find where I was.

    2. When I load an image I hit "upload image" then the "Send to Editor" box is always just barely out of the window and I always have to scroll to it. Seems it would be better to have a little higher placement of the box.

    3. If I upload an image then oops I see a mistake, like image size, when I make the correction and upload it again it doesn't upload the new image even if I deleted the other one first. I have to rename the file then upload it. It won't overwrite.

    Thank you,

  2. On point 2 - go to "options -> writing" and change the size of the post box. I think the default is 25 - down to 20 might help.

  3. But that doesn't change the size of the upload box, does it? I can never find the Delete button in Uploads because it's offscreen somewhere, too.

    And yes, #1 is very irritating.

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