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odd refferal with wordpress name

  1. I have a referral from a site:

    my subdomain is echopen.

    Does anybody know anything about Sponsorforblogs?
    Scam, spam or legate site?

    I will check it out if i know more.

  2. Looks like scam: they link to you so you'll check them out, then they offer to "find you a sponsor". Of course, if you accept you're in violation of ToS and you lose your blog.

  3. ok thanks raincoaster.

  4. oh my! i didnt read the $1000 per month to sponsor line....
    yeah i think i will stay away from this site

  5. I have this same root site ( exploiting my site address and referring people to me as well.

    What is this place?
    Seems difficult to find information or to block it.

    Can I block something like this from doing this???

  6. No. They're trying to look like they're connected with a lot of bloggers. You could send them a legalese-letter about not using you for promotion without your permission, but you can't enforce it without actually taking them to court. If you did, you could probably win, but who bothers? Just kill all trackbacks and maybe do a post about them.

  7. I hope WordPress is payin attention to this sponsors4blogs.

    They have a screen shot of my Blog and a post i deleted. Thank god i hit "password protect" on the post.

    I am getting about 10 referals a day from according to my wordpress stats.

    Apparently they are being called "linkspamming" on internet discussions elsewhere.

  8. They been slamming my site with referrals from time to time too.

  9. I'm getting this, too -- I tried to find how to kill the trackback, but I guess I'm still too new. (Almost a year here, just unfamiliar with that option.) Can someone fill me in on how to do it?

  10. If it shows up in Comments, just delete it.

  11. It appears that wordpress has cut the track backs. this site.
    But it is clearly Spamming, and it says "We hate Spam as much as you" on the linked page.

    Obviously, I would not trust this site.

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