Odd text flow problems

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    I’m getting some odd text flow problems.

    The first is on http://gd.wordpress.com/#!/read/ where “Blogs I’m following” is running into “Edit list”.

    The second is on http://gd.wordpress.com/#!/fresh/ where the “Top Posts” breaks across three lines, pushing the stats out of the cell below. The Gaelic is a bit wordier than the English here but to me the box looks big enough to get it on to 2 lines. Unfortunately, there is no shorter way of putting that.

    The blog I need help with is akerbeltzalba.wordpress.com.



    1) If your translation is significantly longer than the English original, as it is in this example, you will see that it won’t fit into the space designed. In most cases, we suggest that the translation be revised, e.g. abbreviated or shortened in another way.

    This is because the space allocated for messages is designed to have a certain width which does not change as the length of the translated string changes – which would have been ideal from the localization point of view. However, this is the way the interface has been designed at the moment.

    2) Could you please specify where you see text across three lines? I am not able to find it. A screenshot would help. Here is what I see in my Safari browser, for example:


    1) <sigh> to that one but thanks for clarifying it’s a length issue. I’ll try…

    2) Screenshot of what I get in Firefox 11 here and here what I get in Opera 11



    Thank you for sending screenshots. It appears on 2 lines in Safari and Google Chrome :) We will be looking into this at some point, no ETA, so thanks in advance for your patience!



    @akerbeltzalba: a fix was implemented giving text a bit more space, so now it should flow better and not appear on 3 lines. Feel free to double-check, and thanks again for your report! :)


    All great now, many thanks!



    You are welcome – cheers! :)

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