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Odd Username Change Problem

  1. Hey y'all,

    I'm trying to change my username so that I more or less have a standard username across all my social media platforms. I'm having trouble changing my WordPress username, though, and I think I know why.

    Near the beginning of the year, I logged into my WordPress account, changed my username to the name I desired, and thought I was all set - until I realized that I had actually logged into my old WordPress account that I used during college. I quickly slapped my forehead, feeling silly, then deleted this never-used account (which was now under my desired username). I thought it would be simple to then change what is my current WordPress username to my desired one. However, it appears WordPress thinks the username I desire is still in use. I suppose it is possible that someone swiftly swooped in and took this username immediately after I deleted it from my "old" account, but I think it's more likely the system is confused. Is there any way someone in admin could "release" this user name so I can change my current active profile to that name?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. then deleted this never-used account (which was now under my desired username).

    Is there any way someone in admin could "release" this user name

    Deletions are permanent.

  3. The best I can do for you is modlook the thread and see if staff can do anything under the circumstances explained above.

  4. Hi Michael,

    So usernames also don't get recycled, not just blog names, I'm afraid. But could you tell me what the username is? I would be happy to look into it for you.

    An option may be to reactivate the account and transfer all your current materials (blog/s) to the "old" user account with the "right" name.

  5. Hey all,

    Thanks for the help. The username I'd like to get back, somehow, is "mataw". Let me know what you can do.



  6. I've got a similar issue. I changed the user name and what I thought was the blog name on an old account that had never been used. Unfortunately, the old name still appears on the blog and I don't see how to fix that. I've also tried to reclaim my name with no luck. I need to blog under this name as part of a new business set up. Is there any hope???


  7. Michael,

    The email address that you associated with the mataw account is being used with a different user account (which I assume is also yours, but I don't see it attached to your current account here). If you could change that other account email address, I can update your original mataw account to have the old email address that used to be associated with it, so you can log in as usual.

  8. Anne,

    Can you tell me what the old user name is that you're looking to resurrect? I don't know if it will be possible, but I am happy to look closer for you.


  9. Okie doke, I changed the email on the user name I'm currently using - "mwill7287" - to my backup email, so the email "[email redacted]" should be freed up for "mataw". Let me know if this works out.

    Just in case I wasn't clear though, or in case I am confused about whats going to happen, I guess I'd simply like to change the username I have been using, mwill7287, to mataw. I want to keep all my profile info and certainly my blog as it is right now, just with the new user name. Thanks for all your help!

  10. Hi Michael,

    I can't change the email address of another user account without getting confirmation from that signed-in user. I am going to email you privately about this so we can discuss email addresses in further detail and I'll elaborate a little further.

  11. Hi zandyring,

    That would be wonderful! I'm looking for ourlightfandango and/or lightfandango.


  12. Hi Anne,

    So it does look like ourlightfandango is the one you're looking for. When you updated your email address for this user account that you're commenting with, you locked out your old account. You can only associate one user account with any email address. If you would change the email associated with your current user account, I can help you to restore your old one.

  13. Thanks zandyring,

    Just to be I need to set up a whole new account with a different email or simply change the email on this account?

  14. You only need to change the email address you're using with the account you're posting on this forum with. Don't start a new account (unless you particularly want a new account! In which case I still would need you to change the account email address for the p4nblog username).

  15. I've changed the email address. My goal is to start a new blog using the name Our Light Fandango. It doesn't matter to me whether it is a new blog on this account or a new account as long as I can use that name!!!


  16. You should be able to log into the ourlightfandango user account again using the email address it was originally associated with. You may need to click "forgot my password" to set a new one.


  17. Yes, I was able to log in. Thank you! Unfortunately, WordPress will still not let me start a blog named Our Light Fandango. It continues to say the name is already taken. Sadly, I am the one who has taken it and can't find my way back. Bummer...

  18. Blog names are not recycled, so if a blog has been discarded, it cannot be retrieved.

    But you can add a custom domain to your current blog!

    Here's more about domains in general:

    I hope that helps!

  19. Thanks Zandyring. I truly appreciate all your help, but this experience has made my decision easy. WordPress is just too unforgiving for a relative newbie like me!!! I've switched to Weebly on a friend's recommendation and have been able to easily do everything.

    Thank you so much for hanging in there!!!!

    PS - Love your title - Happiness Engineer!!!

  20. I'm very sorry to see you go!

    Best of luck!

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