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Ode for Patrick Latter *Like*

  1. wordwatchtowers

    Dear Mr Latter
    Just what is the matter?
    You have such a nice, smiley face *Like*
    Are you a bot?
    But then, perhaps not.
    And ‘spammer’ seems equally rude –
    I withdraw the latter
    (And ‘mad as a hatter’)
    Don’t sue, Mr Latter, cool dude.
    Perhaps if you read all the posts that you ‘Like’,
    (And it does seem rather a lot)
    We might not suspect
    That you don’t really like
    But just ‘Like’ in return for a hit.
    Perhaps I’m too cynical
    Is that what you think?
    Please don’t go off in a huff.
    It’s just that you seem to like everything under the sun including the kitchen sink, and posts about doughnuts and engineering.
    - Sorry, that line didn’t scan
    But I have a plan
    (Should that be ‘idea’ in this thread?)
    The next time your finger
    Is tempted to linger
    And you want to click 10,000 ‘Likes’
    Spare a thought for us too
    Especially those who’re new
    And don’t raise our hopes oh so high.
    Don’t follow our blogs and ‘Like’ every post
    ‘Cos we feel a bit used if you do.

    My other idea
    (For staff now to hear)
    Is to give us the power to block.
    So please let us erase
    All the ‘Likes’ we don’t like
    And unfollow the follows as well.
    Just a small task.
    Is it too much to ask?
    Here’s hoping...
    And WordPress – you rock.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Love it! Sharing it.

  3. That is pretty diamond!

  4. Oh, man this is great! This guy's gonna become a WordPress legend -- our very own Bigfoot or La Llorona!

    And if there's a petition in support of "Like" blocking, let me know where I can sign.

  5. You could share it on all social networks. I have tweeted it.

  6. P.S. The downside of repeating his name is that it will drive traffic to his blog. :(

  7. @luddylens
    This is the closest thing we have to a petition at

  8. Repeat his name, what's with the stressing already.

    Gonna go from zero-hero!

  9. Do you actually blog or are you into forum trolling?

  10. To whom is that addressed timetheif?

  11. Hi wordwatch!

    I love this approach to petition an opt-out option to the "Like" feature. May I share/tweet this?


  12. This is a work of genius.

  13. Is it cool if we all put our blogs on here? Seems to get good reviews.

    He he.

  14. No it is NOT cool. You know that and I'm asking you to stop the griever or troll behaviors and silly griever troll questions now.

  15. Pardon me? You accuse me of being a troll, yet again?

    What is your problem, I am responding to posts and trying to help.

    Be careful If I were you.

  16. This thread is not a support thread so claiming you were trying to help is not believable. You posted a griever troll question with an asinine He he and you didn't expect to be responded to as if you were a griever troll. How odd.

  17. First off

    Lets just get back to facts here, before I wrote my He he comment, not that it matters really, You, yes, you accused me of being a troll, why?

    Secondly, if you allow a poem or blog to be written here then surely it is fair game for others?

  18. No, it's not. That poem is actually in response to a technical support issue, so it belongs here. And it's not publicizing the poster's blog, it's just addressing the issue of spam Likes.

    If you want to publicize your blog, do it at or your posts will be marked as spam and you'll probably get a little enforced time-out from the forum.

  19. Raincoaster, with all respect, I wasn't asking for an answer from yourself.

  20. I'm here to serve, baby.

  21. Oh yes sugar!

  22. Who is this Patrick Latter?

  23. A photographer who has clicked to follow so many blogs and clicked to like so many posts that we suspect it is using a bot program.

  24. Sounds strange.

  25. Ah, right. I'm now up to speed. 😉

    Cheers TT.

  26. cheers jessie :)

  27. wordwatchtowers



    Of course, no problem.

  28. It likes every post from photography and similar tags. I don't care of it's presence. There's sebasti1234 on Facebook which does the same.

  29. Stop spamming you fool!

  30. invisiblemikey

    This thread proves the value of a community-themed Forum, like we used to have. Clever give and take. Bloggers talking to each other. I so enjoyed reading this.

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