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Ode for Patrick Latter *Like*

  1. I re-blogged about this annoying Fake Liker - from Mr Johnson's blog.

    yes please how can we block a Fake Follower? thank you Wordwatchtower!

  2. @wordwatchtowers
    Y'know, a shortened version would make a really great jump rope song for kids!

    Cinderella dressed in yella...

    Lincoln Lincoln I've been thinkin...

    Mr Latter what's the matter...

    There's even a built-in count-up with the "Likes"!

    And just so the powers-that-be don't delete me: I'm still a big YES to the "Like" blocking.

  3. Alternately, since this single blogger seems to be annoying other bloggers across the WordPress spectrum -- I haven't seen anyone else so uniformly disliked for his "liking" -- is it possible for WordPress itself to contact him directly? Isn't he a spammer?

  4. This thread proves the value of a community-themed Forum, like we used to have. Clever give and take. Bloggers talking to each other. I so enjoyed reading this

    I agree. That was wonderful poem!

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