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Odeo - others can't play audio file

  1. Hi

    I wanted to link to an audio file via Odeo - followed the instrucions. The Player is pink (btw) and it works fine for me, but someone just told me, that he can't listen to the file: the player is "greyed out" and there seems to be an "error connecting to server". If i try my blog with Safari, it doesn't work either (doesn't matter if I'm logged in on or not) - with Firefox it works fine, but only for me...

    I search this forum and google, but didn't find any similir problems.

    Any ideas?


  2. I went to your blog and tried it, but it won't play for me although it displays fine. It just says "Stopped" and won't play, even though I can drag the progress bar back and forth. I'm using IE6.

    Have you gone to Odeo studio and checked the original file? There may be some weirdness there.

  3. thanks for your post.

    well I uploaded via FTP and the importet into and as I said, for me the file works great, but maybe it has something to do that you can't upload to (that's what I read in different forums), so my file didn't "really" upload or something...
    I have the possibility to upload on a server via FTP - is there an other way of embedding Audio-Files on wordpress that with odeo? a workaround?

  4. I never use FTP with odeostudio, I just upload the MP3 from my hard drive using their uploading system. It takes a few minutes but it works okay, as you can see here in this post I made.

  5. hmm, so let me just ask the supid question: how did you upload it to odeo? Yes, on your post it works just fine. For know, I linked the mp3 to an other site - not that my blog is important or anything, I just think it's very easy to use wordpress and I would like to try this with odeo-player.
    So if you would be so kind and just guide me through what you did for your blog? :-)

    th x for your help.

  6. Well, I didn't upload it through Odeo, I went to OdeoStudio, and from there I uploaded the MP3 following their instructions exactly. That gives you an MP3 just sitting there, not a part of any podcast. It's my understanding you have to put it in a podcast for it to be playable, so then you go to Create Podcast and create one. Then you go back to your MP3 file and you put it in the podcast; there's a box for this where you pick which podcast of yours to put it in out of a drop-down menu. That should work; make sure, however, that the URL you use for your blog post is the URL of the podcast, not the MP3. That was the mistake I made at first.

    Does that make sense? I'm going offline now so I hope it helps.

  7. yes, that makes perfect sense - that was exactly what I did wrong: linked to the file and not to the podcast.
    Thanks a lot for your help :-)

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