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Odeo Player

  1. I really think that a smaller odeo player is preferrably better than the big fat pink which is currently in use. Since an embed flash code for wp is not allowed, maybe the Admin would consider using the smaller player instead? Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. Any suggestions?

    Yup. Please don't dupe posts. All that happens is that normally they get deleated on sight. :)

    Best bet would be to send in a feedback from your dashboard with this suggestion.

    Good luck,

  3. At this point, it'd be helpful if Odeo worked at all. The site is taking forever to respond itself (all day) or to serve audio to blogs.
    I noticed also that the file upload had been quietly disabled. So you can't host on WordPress, and can't host on Odeo. Is another solution needed?

  4. Oh really? I'm doing a Christmas playlist and if Odeo isn't working I need to know about it before I knit all these soundfiles together into six point seven five hours of nada.

    Hopefully the Odeo glitch is momentary; I'm way too lazy to register with yet another system.

  5. If you already have an Odeo account for some time, you're probably ok. The no uploads rule only applies to new users.

  6. I agree with knoizki, if we cannot use a smaller player, we should at least have the option to use it black, instead off that horrible pink one.

  7. So new users can't upload, so what's our best option? It's silly not to have some capacity to embed a player.

  8. I mentioned the 'no new users' issue to staff. They said that they were awhere of it and are working on a solution.

    Best bet is to do what we've done in teh past. Do a link to the file hosted elsewhere.

  9. well they could introduce as an alternative to odeo

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