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odeo/flash player

  1. I want to import audio/odeo to my site but can't figure out how -- the sidebars & text both reject it (like, poof! all gone).
    but I see odeo all over WP! Why am I so much dumber than everyone?

  2. I always just linked to my Odeo channel as opposed to trying to import it into my blog.

  3. Thanks pguy -- like I said I'm kinda dumb but I'll see what I can do...

  4. It worked -- almost. How can I keep my blog-page from dissapearing when I link to the my mp3 page @ odeo?

  5. I don't see an example of these on your website but I'm assuming that you're linking to it with a regular 'a' link, correct?

    Add in 'target="_blank"' to the link without the single quotes after the URL.

    For example:

    <a href="">Link</a>

    <a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>

    Do remember two things though.

    1) This does break usability rules. If that matters to you, please remember to add in a note by the link saying that you're opening a new window for this link.

    2) My browser, my rules. If I wanted to open the link in a new window, I would of. :)

    Hope this helps,

  6. On my own blog, I use a JavaScript to open external windows as well as adding " (new window)" to the end of the title attribute. However, without JavaScript, you're stuck with the deprecated target attribute to do that here.

  7. I don't if that would work though as most text browsers don't run Javascripts. The warning wouldn't be seen but then of course I don't think the open in a new window bit would work either.

    Nice idea though. One of my FAQs in the my hosting is where to modify the WP Javascript files to add in the blank tag when one adds a link in teh normal text editor.

    Care to point me at this javascript? Got me curious now.

  8. Actually, that's part of the usability of that particular method. If JavaScript is enabled, it identifies links that open in new windows and opens them there. If it's not enabled, the links won't say anything about a new window and will open in the current window. I wish I could take credit for that bit of brilliance, but I got it from Paul Boag over at

  9. SHAZAM!! all cool, thanks.

    re: those last 3 posts -- I have no idea what you guys just said...but Right On!

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