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ODF Uploads

  1. Just a feature suggestion. It is possible to upload files in formats such as .jpg, .doc and .pdf. How about .odt, the format for a number of word processors, including OpenOffice and KWord. The format is also supported (to some degree) by Google Docs and Zoho.

  2. This suggestion has been made previously. The procedure is to wait until after the weekend and send in a feedback to staff stating all specifics and including your reasons for asking. From the forum search box
    From the FAQs

  3. jpg is a standard image file and you can already upload it. :)

  4. I thik they were mentioning jpg as an example of what was already allowed.

  5. Oh yeah, should have read it properly! ;)

  6. Had a Mark moment, huh? :)

  7. And when you're sending the feedback, be sure to mention how much you love Open Source and would like to be able to upload Open Source docs onto your Open Source blog ;)

  8. *chuckle* Make sure you license your suggestion via Creative Commons as well.

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