oEmbed Provider API, How safe is it?

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    This sounds like a great idea for getting your stuff out there, but I am wondering how safe this is when your posts contain copyrighted material such as photographs? Are you notified when someone is using your material? I realize people can just go to your blog and grab whatever they want, but this seems to make it a whole lot easier to do. I embed my copyright in each image and hope for the best.

    The blog I need help with is blogbisogno.wordpress.com.


    The oEmbed Provider API gives developers access to information you’ve already published online. You aren’t notified when the content you publish online is accessed by people. Using a watermark and copyright notice for your photography is probably one of the best routes you can take to protect images you publish online short of making your site completely private, which is also an option for you at WordPress.com.



    I have some friends that are Professional photographers and they scale the image so that someone can’t make a big picture – one uses I think 420 pixels wide – as he jokes – they can make a 4 inch by 6 inch print for the refrigerator and that is about it.

    Reality – once an image is one someone’s computer screen they can save a copy of it and print it out.

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