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# of email subscribers have significantly dropped

  1. Earlier this morning around 1 am I had 81 email subscribers. When I logged on this morning around 11:45 am the email subscribers had decreased to 17. What is up with that my friend. Any ideas???

  2. Could be a issue with feed burner or your readers decided
    to unsubscribe. You can set it up in the settings over
    at feed burner if a reader unsubscribes from the email
    updates it will send you a email stating a subscriber
    unsubscribed from email updates.

    Also this has nothing to do with wordpress if you were
    wondering that.

  3. This would be a Feedburner issue and not's

  4. Thank you for your input. I figured it was a feed burner issue, however I wanted to know if anyone else experienced a significant drop in email subscribers on Word Press. Thank you for your time and kindness and have a great day. Craig

  5. Your welcome! :)

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