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Of Tags and Categories and Searches....

  1. OK, so I am a Newbie, not only to WordPress but to the whole Blogging think in general. Sorry if what I am about to ask is old news, but I am not finding the answers anywhere, so I am throwing myself on the mercy of the Forum...

    I did some didgging and finnaly understand the difference between Tags and Categories. But in one FAQ post, it says (and I paste...):

    Is there any advantage to using tags or categories or both?
    Not here at and not for any search engines, no.

    So what good are they and why should I bother?

    So if the tags and categories are of no help in a search, how will anyone outside of ever find my blog?

    Thanks for any light you can shed.

    Your fellow blogger,
    Grand Rapids, MI

  2. They are not of no use. Try a forum search for "Tags and Categories" and you'll find many threads explaining the advantages and functions of each. There are some on the front page of the forums right now.

  3. Thanks PANAGHIOTISADAM! That does, in fact, answer my question. Apparently, neither the question nor the answer from the FAQ posting are worded very well. Thanks for the link to the topic, which was very helpful.

    You folks ROCK.

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