Off-shoot: New blog or same one?

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    I’m wondering what advice is out there for how to choose between doing an off-shoot (of your primary blog) as a new blog or within the main one. Basically, I started with a very general and wide range of topics for my site, as everything about my interest (Brazil) interests me…yet as time has gone by (7 months), I’m finding that perhaps having more of a niche would be a wiser choice (in terms of chosing topics and ways to advertise).

    The only possible issue would be that all of my time and efforts have gone into my current and only blog, which means I may lose readership if I post more sporatically being that I’d be managing two blogs. The up-side is that the primary blog has in a sense created credibility which could give a hand to the off-shoot’s success.

    So I guess what I’m asking is, if you were to make an off-shoot of (read: niche for) your primary blog, would you change course a bit within your primary blog or create a whole new one?


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