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[off-topic] Beware of Blog Snatcher at MYBLOLOG

  1. Yesterday I discovered that a lowlife from hell had claimed this blog Stolen Moments: A Green Digest at MYBLOLOG as though he was the author.

    I am the only Administrator, the only author and the only user of this blog. I do not know jerrym1980.

    This "person's" moniker is jerrym1980 and you can clearly see on his page in the center of the second row from the bottom that he has had the audacity to claim my blog - Stolen Moments: A Green Digest under the section title of "Sites and Blogs I Author".

    I was so incensed that I not only sent an email to MYBLOBLOG support, but also to Robyn Tippin and to Eric Marcoullier one of MyBlogLog's founders.

    I also left this lowlife from hell aka jerrym1980 a message on his page : "I insist you cease and desist from fraudulently laying claim to my blog forth with. And I want the image of my blog and all information pertaining to my blog removed from this page forthwith."

    I am so upset I can barely type this post. I do hope that sys admin at MYBLOGLOG will rectify this fraudulent claim immediately. Furthermore I hope they will take note of the many blogs this lowlife from hell has laid claim to. Who knows how many of the fifteen blogs jerrym1980 has claimed authorship of are actually his own?

    Stay posted.

  2. That's awful! I don't see your message there, but I noticed he hasn't signed in since the day he joined. What scum. I hope the PTB get back to you very quickly.

  3. What's really annoying is that folks are commenting there and thinking it's you.

    A lot of those blog links no longer work either.

  4. @drmike
    YIKES! I never thought of that. You mean folks are commenting on the lowlife from hell's page and thinking that it's to me?

    I am so incensed I'm off the wall arhgghhhhhhh!

    I also noticed the links to the blogs there were to deleted blogs.

    drmike WTF (pardon the language) do you think this evil-doer is up to?

  5. @timethief - Looks like someone removed it from the profile :)


    I guess my husband won't have to call the men in the white coats to subdue me with a hypo ... lol ... :D

  7. Yup. That list is shorter.

    I guess my husband won't have to call the men in the white coats to subdue me with a hypo

    I'm sure that idea is still in the back of his mind. :)

  8. I just received this email.

    All taken care of. Also, I went ahead and gave you a free year’s subscription to Pro for the annoyance.
    We don’t make users insert tracking code to ‘claim’ their blog for a few reasons:
    1-Many of our members are either on platforms that do not allow code inserts or they are not web saavy and would be confused by this barrier to entry.
    2-Some communities are set up as ‘fan sites’ for blogs. One example is the fan site at MyBlogLog.
    Of course, if at any time an owner wants to take over a ‘fan site’ community, we quickly make the change. Likewise, if an owner says he does not want to have a community on MyBlogLog, we will also take down the fan site.
    Again, sorry for the annoyance. Have a great week.
    Robyn Tippins
    Community Manager

    Robyn rocks!
    MYBLOGLOG support rocks!

  9. @drmike
    What's in the back of my husband's mind is relief akin to jubiliation.
    He's so happy that my ranting has stopped that he's making me lunch. ;)

    However, I still want to hear thoughts on why someone would do this and how they may have intended to benefit from it.

  10. You may want to point out to Robyn that a quick check shows a number of those blogs to be dead.

    Gotta admit that I'm troubled by the "We don't claim because it's too confusing to our users" bit. I know Technorati gets around it but allowing folks to use their login information but that wouldn't work here at since you can login at anyone's wp-login.php and it gets redirected to your correct backend. Still an idea though.

  11. I have responded to Robyn and I have also requested that sysadmin at MYBLOGLOG reconsider the membership status of the person in question. She's aware that some of the blogs are dead and in fact have been deleted.

    The two questions that remain are:
    Why would someone would do this?
    How may they have intended to benefit from it?

  12. Well they're down to 14 blogs now. Looks like someone's cleaning house.

    Whoever's doing it has left up the three dead ones though. That's strange.

  13. I found 2 living blogs that did not seem to be related to affiliate marketing at least on their surface. I left theses bloggers comments including the link to jerrym1980's page where he claimed their blogs and I left Robyn's email address too.

  14. isn't even a blog....

    But yet it has 122 members. Go figure.

  15. Mybloglog is a great organization. I'm really impressed with them. Glad to hear this got resolved.

    FYI Blogger's "upgrade" to Blogger 2.0 totally hooped blogger blogs on MBL: now they only show up in the "my community is talking about" area as " 569 comments" no matter what the blog name is. Blogger better fix that!

  16. I'm really happy that they acted quickly. It totally peeves me that some splogger/spammer was getting my comments. However, none of us escape karma.

  17. I have now heard back from the two bloggers that I contacted. Both thanked me for reporting the fraud regarding their blog being claimed by jerrym1980 and both are asking Robyn Tippins to pursue the matter and rectify it immediately.

  18. Excellent! Great work, I'm sure they're very grateful. Which reminds me to go to MBL and register rtr!

  19. I'm amazed no one has left this idiot a personal message...

  20. I did leave him a public message exposing him as a fraud and demanding that he remove my blog form his page forthwith. When the image of my blog disappeared so did the message. Frankly, I think this person should be bounced right out of membership at MYBLOGLOG.

  21. Actually that appears to have happened as that link in your first post no longer works.

  22. Yes his page is gone and his moniker has been removed from the membership list. Good.

  23. Robyn Tippins
    May 18, 11:44 AM
    Actually I deleted this member when the second complaint on him came in yesterday. We have more controls in place now to prevent a user from claiming multiple blogs that are not theirs. Of course, that doesn’t mean we catch them all, but usually they are brought to our attention internally due to these controls.

    This author began ‘collecting’ blogs before that system was in place. Just wanted to let you know that this member is gone.


    I’m really relieved to hear that this “person” has been deleted from the MYBLOLOG membership list.

    Thank you once again for handling this matter for myself and the other bloggers whose blogs had been fraudulently claimed.

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