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[Off Topic] getting the goods on sploggers & spammers

  1. Affiliate schemes have been described as a good way to earn money without lifting a finger. Say you're a classic car enthusiast and create an interesting website about them: you'll attract like-minded visitors who might be interested in buying spare parts. You don't sell any spares, but can offer a link to a site that does. By signing up to that site's affiliate scheme, you'll receive a commission for the visitors sent from your site who buy spares.
    Fortunately, bloggers under siege can use defences like Akismet or "captchas" that defeat spam software but don't stop humans leaving a real comment. The "nofollow" tag, supported by some blogging software, means search engines won't rank any link in a comment. Fine - except it doesn't get rid of the dozens, hundreds, thousands of comments that pour on to blogs.

    While there's money in it for people, and no effective comeback from the companies that benefit, the moneymaking will go on and bloggers will curse those trying to make money from their goodwill. => full article

    I curse every splogger, scraper, spammer and affiliate blogger that was spawned from the womb of greed with every spam I jettison.

  2. Quoting drmike:
    "Just for reference and since I can't find the threads, we have another scraper hitting.
    And, yes, it's hosted in germany on keymachine"

  3. So, do we put the blog scrapers we've come across in here, breaking the links? Or do we use this thread to vent?

  4. You may do as you wish as long as you break any links you may choose to post.

  5. I had an idea for cutting down on the kind of spam that comes in masquerading as comments on old blog posts. If you would care to read it and maybe even support it here's the link

  6. Found yet another one:

    Do a search for drmike to see what I'm looking at. It's not as bad as the others but still it's annoying. Hosted on hostgator. Dropped my attorney a note (Fifth one for the day. She's going to love me) to see if she wants to file a complaint.

  7. Here's one as well, stealing the intro to my blog posts including all the tags; yet another reason to post a picture right up front.
    It also specifically claims ownership. I have footsoldiers in the UK...perhaps I should get them to pay a visit to these skanks. Note that the "Paid Survey" stuff was their add, not mine.

    the REAL problem with physics
    by Quizzes, Tests, Surveys @ Tue, 20 Feb 2007 20:03:01 -0600
    the REAL problem with physics February 20th, 2007 at 11:33 pm (Humour, Quizzes and tests, Science, humor, animals, Physics, Jokes, Weird, Fantasy... Paid Survey Paid Survey Paid Survey Paid Survey

  8. Where do you see the claim ownership? I see a link back to your blog.

    The site is in Dallas by the way. Hosted at which would be within a datacenter for

    Hope this helps,

  9. @DrMike - i think the problem raincoaster has is with the phrase "by Quizzes, Tests, Surveys" although you're right, they do link back.

    I just can't imagine anyone going to that site to look for anything worthwhile. Of course, i can't imagine why people do a lot of things, especially proliferating lame spam.

  10. They're hoping that search engine spiders will pick up on them. They hope the spiders will see the "content" as their own and scan that text.

  11. I didn't see a link to my blog; maybe they saw me click in from raincoaster@Technorati and stuck one in? Or maybe I should have gone to bed hours ago...thanks for the info! I'll do something with it once I'm rested.

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