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Off-Topic users and their holidays.

  1. Just thought it would be interesting to get to know a few of the users on the Off-Topic forum a bit more. Even if all it means is that some of us argue a bit less. ;)

    So, it's summertime, and no matter how c**ppy the weather is in Scotland, it's still summer.
    For myself I just spent two weeks in the french alps, not enough snow to go skiing so I spent the majority of time relaxing in the chalet or hiking the mountains with my sister. It was enjoyable although, at times, painfully tiring. Better than rainy old Scotland. :D

    The blog I need help with is

  2. so what are you asking? you want us to ramble about out summer days? Well, I've been blogging, hanging out and stuff with friends. It's either too hot or too rainy to do anything this summer. We have fewer days then before where it's just perfect weather. I live in Michigan. Hopefully I can catch another day at the beach before summer ends. Also, my grandparents are thinking about moving back to Michigan from Florida soon and they'll be up here next week looking for homes.

  3. i used to be a regular forumer, not sure if anyone remembers me lol... in malaysia it's sort of like summer all year round, so no holidays. my last vacation was four days in bangkok in april... four awesome days of retail therapy!

  4. yes sulz i remember you. Credit to you for those useful stickies. Trying to get one my own but it seems those days are over :<

    I've been skiing to try to escape the hotness.

  5. I like the idea of a thread where there's no arguing ;)

    Summer vacation means for me that the kids are home all the time sooooooooooooooooooooo....
    that pretty much sums up my vacation. ;)

  6. {argue}Why are your kids at home all the time ?? Why don't you take them to the beach or something ?!{/argue}

  7. Damn those argue tags, always foiling my plans.

  8. Because we live forever and a year away from the beach, no money, I don't drive.

  9. I'm on vacation almost every weekend. In fact, I just got back from my family's lake house.

  10. I meant to say "summer" after weekend.

  11. My summer's slowww. I'm just waiting for my friends to find some free time for little me so we can go to a theme/water park. No summer is complete without screaming your head off while you're plummeting down towards your doom, be it a rollercoaster or water slide. =)

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