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[off-topic] venting

  1. I feel like shouting or kicking baby squirrels or ...

    As you have noted there are "server" adjustments going on.
    Well it would have been nice if we had been warned first.

    I spent the whole day deleting manually one at a time every post in one of my blogs (800 or so). I deleted every one of them twice. I deleted the categories twice and the blogroll twice and they are appearing again.

    Apparently due to server caching my deletions are being ignored.


    Yes -- I cleared my broswer repeatedly.
    Yes -- I logged in and out and cleared all cookies and started from scratch.
    Yes -- I have sent Mark an email.

    I just needed to VENT!

    Beloved is offering me wine.
    He even suggested he would go to the liquor store to buy me something stronger ...


  2. Tell him to pick me up something while he's there. Just email it to me: Gmail takes all kinds of attachments.

  3. Was this at WordPress? One time at Blogger I just deleted the entire blog instead of deleting things. lol That was my very first blog of less than a month.

  4. The staff are definitely mucking about with something affecting categories. For hours now Categories cannot be added either from the admin section of my blogs or "on the fly". The error message is: Something strange happened. Refresh the page. But doing so leads into an never ending loop that is non-productive.

  5. It seems like everybody is choosing today to fart around. One blog where I comment was randomly moving the comments to other threads. Never seen that happen before.

  6. Well I've just spent two hours (roughly) deleting posts, blogroll and categories and this time the deletions worked (halleluia!). Now I'm deleting 30 pages of images.

  7. FART!!!

    sorry, inside joke...VERY long story LOL

  8. I've finished my blog clean-out now. And I've marked this thread "resolved".

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