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    The below offensive ad appeared on my blog. While I am a Republican, I find this content to be insulting to the office. It is quite possible that some of my readers would find offense and cancel.
    I understand WP’s right to insert ads, but this is way over the top-
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    I don’t do youtube and have it blocked for security reasons. What is the ad in your own words.



    It is a video portraying the President partying in college, smoking weed and making crude remarks about women. I have recently read a biography which confirms the drug use, but even still, it is inappropriate for my posts.


    Well, for $30/yr, you can get the No-Ads Upgrade and eliminate all ads.



    i think that’s way they put the ad there and i find it offensive. my next likely action is to move to another host site

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