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Offensive Language in Featured Blogs

  1. I wasn't going to post again on this issue, but here I am.

    When I got up this morning and discovered the thread was still active, I was sick about the fact that I posted the link to her site late last night, when I was tired and careless.
    Not only that, my context for the link didn't communicate at all what I was thinking:
    that the lady has some issues, that it might be worth taking a look at hercontext, and then letting it go.

    I learned a couple of lessons myself in all this, and I'm grateful for that. It's somewhat ironic that my current post discusses making mistakes - believe I might go read it again.

  2. Moved to OT.

    To the original poster: We do our best to prevent offensive blogs being featured. Our apologies for this causing offence.

  3. So... I guess this means my planned post about bird shit moths (that is their name!) is off now?

    These moths mimic bird droppings as an effective way to avoid being eaten.

  4. Hi JustJeniffer!

    Actually, I was just like Cindybin when I was smaller, and when I started out internet playing.

    Then I decided that since you can't trust online people and people's perceptions to offensive langs (in fact about everything) are so different, I might just get easy with things.

    Point is, fucking Scope is actually a really nice chap who never rapes, steals, nor love to see girls cry... and in normal life, I have literally little use of such slangs... since my family used to forbid them. LOL~

    I hope Cindybin can take things easy. Many things shouldn't be taken at surface values.
    Don't miss the fun, that's the point. :)


  5. I'm offended that there are non-offensive blogs amongst the leaders.

  6. I'm offended that someone without a blog can censor what goes in the top posts list.

    Also offended that someone who uses the word herself in her own blog can have other blogs which do deleted from the listing.

  7. @ teck: I stand corrected. Her "blog" here is a post copied from her Geocities site, which contains instructions to "read the rest at my Geocities site" and a link. It has not been updated since October, 2007.

    Corrected text:
    I'm offended that someone whose blog contains only one entry, which directs people to her Geocities site, which uses the "S" word (shit!) can censor what goes in the top posts list.

  8. @Rain,
    I agree it's bull crap because she don't actively use here wordpress
    blog and is able to get were other peoples blogs including yours blocked
    from the front page because she is offend by the Word SHIT when
    she has the same word including much worse on her Geo, blog and isn't she
    breacking the TOS because she set up a blog to promote her Geo, blog ?

    very unsatisfied
    Wordpress Member

  9. Well, if she gets reported as spam for using to direct people to her other site, something might be done about it.

  10. pornstarbabylon

    She was a reporter for ten years. Isn't she all for freedom of speech then? She must have dealt with the worst of the worst when a reporter. Foul language seems to be the least of a reporter's problems.

  11. Capitulating to demands for censorship because someone may be mentally ill is nothing more nor less than inviting all mentally ill strangers to edit your blog. I, for one, don't accept that, and I don't accept that from those without mental illnesses either. I bow to the law and to the ToS. Other than that, if you don't like what I write, don't trawl through 57 different entries on the Top Posts page to find something that offends you, and if you do, expect that person to be...offensive when you broach the subject.

  12. Hi people!

    Well, you are all beautiful, so cool down. LOL~
    it's turning into some sort of revenge-pose.

    I think WordPress team has the sense of what is what to censor.

    Looking at this thread... Wow... it's really too easy to offend people, and free speech can't be about everyone easily offended like that, isn't it? LOL~

    Relax, relax.


  13. By rain, don't you get it. When she uses words like shit and fuck, she's only kidding. It's when everyone else fucks around and uses words like shit and fuck that's a problem. :)

  14. Scope, you're a little late for the flamewar.

    kstaff: goddam! I didn't fucking think of that!

  15. Sheez ... this shitty shit thingy has grown so damn big I didn't even dare to fuckin notice!
    ^the chimp jumps into bushes to hide his ass off of public^

  16. Nay... I am purposely late for that. :)
    I am not one usually inclined for a flamewar. LOL~

  17. Wise.

    Oh, look. Cindybin's blog is inactive!

  18. pornstarbabylon

    She deleted her blog? She should read some of the comments directed towards me on my own blog. Everything on this post is G-rated in comparison.

  19. The dolls told her to do it. They mostly speak to her at night, mostly.

  20. Oh Shit wrong thread. :)

  21. Rain,

    Anyway, guess our Cindy girl can't take the heat.


    Guess the one way not to offend people is just not to be bothered about offending people. LOL~

    Hi Kstafford!

    LOL X10000~

  22. I gather it wasn't her decision, actually.

  23. Rain,

    I don't get you.

    BTW, never gotta see your photo. You got any to generously spare for lecherous friends like Scope to admire, to worship, to have a chance to say something flowery?

    Maybe hits will blow up further, since I'd definitely click on your site to have a viewing pleasure. :)


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