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    I’m try1475963 a Muslim and a new user of wordpress would like to file a report about an offensive site hosted on your servers that is
    which as you may see is a site that contains only blind accusations and materials considered very offensive for Muslims and helps only to ignite hatred and conflicts , and blindly attacking people with out even reading a bit about their original Ideals can help no one , and when saying Muslims they are talking about 1.5 billions people around the world and this site is considered an insult to every last one of them .
    anyone can bring someone from another religion who committed a murder and accuse all the followers of that religion to be murderers and terrorists all over the media but we don’t do such lowly acts.
    Thus as hosts of the site I find it your responsibility to shut down this offensive sites and any others that follow the same principles .



    “Offensive”, “insult” and the rest are the usual pretext of those who can’t tolerate criticism and opposition. If you are insulted by a site, don’t visit that site: no one obliges you to read it. But your real problem isn’t that you don’t want to read it, it’s that you don’t want others to read it.

    Quoting from

    We strongly believe in freedom of speech. enables anyone to freely express their ideas and opinions, without censoring or endorsing them.
    We take our terms of service very seriously and will suspend any sites that are found to be in violation. By the same token, we will not suspend blogs if they are not in violation of our terms or policies, even if they are offensive or objectionable. We think the right response to bad or offensive ideas is to speak out against them, not to censor them. Instead of asking us to suspend such a blog, please consider either responding in the blog’s comments or on a blog of your own, to set the record straight.



    Bravo, Justpi. Bravo.


    I with justpi on this. Read this policy please > suspends blogs or blog posts for the following types of abuse:
    Personal threats
    Calls to violence
    Impersonation of a private person

    defamation >
    For more see here and consult your local authorities and an attorney >



    well you obviously didn’t see the site it’s not “criticism and opposition” but what it’s doing is the following :
    accuse Islam and Muslims to be Criminals “saying the 100% of rape crimes in the Norway is made by Muslims and adding “and foreigners”
    and that 80% of rape crimes in Swayed is by Muslims, while every body knows that Muslim countries have some of the least crime activity , look at records of the crime rate in the US you’ll be surprised ,and what are they asking for ?
    they are asking to prevent Muslims Immigration they talk like we are going to invade them or something , I’m more than happy to get into an endless conversation with someone who is talking out of reason , but lies ? I thought I shouldn’t bother especially that the comments get authorized by the owner of the site , funny .
    but what can we do , those “Super Powers” did well making their pawns our kings and using their “Media” as tools to fight our belief .
    But Know that this is Changing .
    by the way I’m from Syria and we don’t need the help of anyone , we have God on our side .



    I Will speak out against them .
    you will see , just you wait .
    and I mean “Speak”


    “…we have God on our side . “

    Cute. But that blog you’re concerned about has the WordPress TOS on their side, so lets sit back and see what happens.


    You have a single choice and that is making an abuse report by utilizing the information at the links I posted above, if and only if, there grounds for making that report exist.

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    yes just sit back and enjoy the view , but me I won’t be sitting back much .
    because I’ll be preforming on the Show .
    thank you thistimethisspace but I’ll leave them be “for now”.



    I obviously saw the site, and yes it’s “criticism and opposition” by definition: get yourself a dictionary. Whether the criticism is or isn’t well-founded, decent, reasonable, justified, fair, accurate or whatever, that’s is a different matter. And you verified my diagnosis of intolerance yourself, when you couldn’t resist revealing that your real issue is with those who “fight your belief“, of course, not just with those whose criticism skills are flawed…

    I don’t like that site and I don’t agree with its views: I’m only defending freedom of speech and freedom of information. We think that everyone should have the same rights, and we think that misinformation and mistaken beliefs are dispelled by better information; you on the other hand (and by you I don’t mean all Muslims, I mean all bigots) think that ideas, opinions and information you don’t like should be silenced. Your mentality is precisely one of the reasons why anti-religion sites exist.

    And the fundamental reason why that site is wrong is the very reason why you too are wrong. Why don’t you like the site? Because it speaks against Muslims in general. Why is that wrong? Because naturally the people of one persuasion aren’t all the same (as you yourself suggest in your initial post). So when you claim that you in general have god on your side, and when the site claims that you in general are evil, you both make the exact same mistake.



    Offending people isn’t against the terms of service here. Nothing more to say.

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