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offline editor posting

  1. michaelmordrid

    I'm trying to post from my copy of The Journal made by DavidRM Software. I'm unable to get the post to go through. How should my settings be? Should I use the MetaWeblog API? Should I use the xmlrpc? I've been unsucessful so far. Please help!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but I don't understand what you are trying to do and you have failed to provide a URL for the blog in question. Please post the complete clickable URL for the blog you are referring to starting with http://

  3. michaelmordrid

  4. Okay that blog is wearing the Greyzed theme.

    Above you refer to "trying to post from my copy of The Journal made by DavidRM Software." What is the URL for that blog please starting with http://

    Are you using windows live writer?

  5. michaelmordrid

    Here's what I'm using.

    I can post from this program to a self-hosted install of WordPress, but I can't post from it to

  6. You can post to w blog using windows live writer which is free ig you have a pc. If you have a mac then Ecto is modestly priced at $20. US.

  7. Do they have a support forum over at davidrm?

    Looks like a nice package but I had not heard of it before - they should have some sort of FAQ or support system you could ask about WordPress.COM.

    If you can use it to publish to WordPress.ORG sites then I would expect it to work here also, but at a loss as to any other advice.

  8. michaelmordrid

    @timethief, thanks, but I'm not changing my program.

    @auxclass, it's not a DavidRM problem. I've already checked on that.

  9. Then it's time to approach Staff

  10. If it's not compatible with, and it appears not to be, you'll have to change your program or change your blog to move it off

  11. You need to have journal point to, and post to Pointing and trying to post to the main page of the live site won't work.

    The other thing to try is to point it at the actual wordpress.COM URL for your blog,

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