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    Hi, I’m trying to build a Java offline client for a blog. To get it working, I wanted to first try some example code using Redstone-XmlRpc, (here:, but whenever I run it, the server returns a 405 Method not allowed response code. I feel as though it’s authorizing properly, but is still rejected as though it needs to be enabled through the web interface, though I’ve heard that blogs have remote posting enabled by default. Is there some type of authentication I need to do aside from supplying the username and password in my XML-RPC request?

    Also, is there a way to use AtomPub to post instead of XML-RPC? If so, what URLs do I authenticate to? I know I can receive a blog in an Atom feed, but I haven’t been able to publish one.


    The blog I need help with is


    You would need to contact staff directly on that at .

    In general, you will be going in via and yes, you do have to “authenticate” with the proper password and username.


    I’m wondering though why you are building your own? There are quite a number of very good offline editors out there such as Windows Live Writer and BlogDesk – both for Windows and free. For Mac’s, the one I use is Ecto and although it isn’t free, at around $20 it won’t break the bank either.



    I’m trying to incorporate this into a larger project that I’m working on which has some design requirements that are most easily handled by a custom client. Thanks for the timely response!

    any ideas on using AtomPub?


    Everything has to go through the xml-rpc API. I would head to wordpress.ORG and search the codex there. I’m pretty sure you will find what you are looking for there.


    What HTTP action are you trying to do that is returning a 405? All XML-RPC requests are done over HTTP POST.

    Yes, also supports AtomPub.


    @josephscott, Good to know.



    I’ve been trying to use both metaWeblog.newPost and metaWeblog.getPost through the Redstone XmlRpc libraries.

    Both have returned HTTP response codes of 405. All my requests are going to and I know that my username and password are correct

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