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    On any table I create with HTML, the image and text do not line up (image in first column, text in next column) and are staggered instead. In the visual editor, everything looks fine, but the page itself does not. I’ve tried adjusting the column widths but it doesn’t help. Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is



    If a table was needed, you’d need to turn all opening td tags to this:
    <td style="vertical-align:top;">

    (You’d also need to add some padding to the image or text cells, to create space between the image and the text.)

    But you don’t need a table at all in the post you linked to. All you need is left-aligned images, with the accompanying text right next to each image code, plus this after each image-text pair:
    <br style="clear:both;" />


    Panos, you are the best!!!!!
    I only put it as a table because it looked *really* horrible otherwise- something with the theme default formatting I guess?
    Makes me kind of wish I actually knew what I was doing with this HTML stuff.



    No, it wasn’t due to the theme. Setting the alignment of an image to left means that the rest of the content should wrap around; when the accompanying text is shorter than the image, it leaves some room next to the image, so the next image also wraps around, and you get a staggered arrangement. What the code snippet I suggested does is cancel the wrap-around effect.


    Is there a way to get it to stop wrapping for the whole text portion- to get the text to stay in a defined column instead of aligning far left under the image when the text exceeds the height of the image? For an example (look at Banckle)


    Also, each time I make adjustments to the page, that code snippet gets cleared off- any idea how to keep it there?



    a) If that’s what you prefer, then you do need a table…

    b) That’s WP’s fault. You can use this alternative:


    It still disappears about 20% of the time (especially the closing tags) but a lot better than before. Thanks again!

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