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offsite blog promotion - how much do you do?

  1. Social networking tremendously expands the audience you can connect with. If you do not use social media and social networks to promote your blog posts and blog, then you will find building a growing readership is more difficult as the audience you reach will be limited.

    I'm wondering how many people who post to this forum and to the Showcase Forum regularly are actually promoting their blogs beyond the community?

  2. Moderator
    Will you please edit and add the missing "w" to my title on this thread?
    ie. offsite blog promotion - how much do you do?

  3. I facebook and tweet my blog. But it brings in very little traffic. But it does bring in the odd comment here and there.

  4. I've been trying to use twitter... but I'm not sure I've gotten more than 1 hit from it. One problem is that I have to build the twitter following to direct to my blog, and given that the blog is likely not general interest... well, you get it...

    (btw... follow me on twitter @habituatedbuddh )

  5. I have a Twitter account but have absolutely NO IDEA how to use it. It baffles me.
    How in the world do I get followers?

    I use facebook and blogsurfer with okay results. I've used stumbleupon a few times.

    I've heard that answering questions on yahoo answers can work, but I don't know how true that is.

    I did just submit a link to 2leep, but I'm not sure how that works either. It's not that I don't want to promote my blog, but I am severely technically challenged.

  6. Well, obviously you need to take one of my Twitter workshops!

  7. I have mine so my posts will be on facebook and twitter. I dont really know of any other ways to get it out besides on the forums.

  8. @raincoaster I don't think I can afford you. Five ravenous kids to feed on a single income. :-)

  9. Well, if you took my course you'd make kabillions on the Ad Control program and never have to work again.

    Can't you sell off some of the children? Why do you need so many?

  10. I've looked into it. You'd be surprised by the number of couples not willing to take a spoiled brat who does nothing but eat, whine, and make messes all day.

  11. Facebook works well for me, but Twitter has so much competition that I think it's hard to make it work.

    Offline, I am considering tattoos up each arm. When I travel to work on the train holding the support pole (no seats as usual) it's a great opportunity to advertise via my exposed body parts.

    Don't worry, only my arms and neck are exposed.

    I thought about unfurling a banner from my office next to Westminster Abbey during the royal wedding and yesterday's O'Bama visit, but I was threatened with being shot by snipers. Yes, that would have definitely gained me publicity, but may have resulted in a drastic reduction of blog posts.

  12. I use Facebook and Twitter (do not the latter much) and post in a couple of niche forums.

    The emphasis is about to shift dramatically, so we will see what happens then!

  13. I meant "do not LIKE the latter much"

  14. I, for one, am THRILLED about your emphasis shift! Happy times ahead!

  15. Which reminds me - I have made an observation which may or may not be relevent to anything.

    Since I upgraded to last Sunday, search engine referrals have gone up (like tripled), but referrals from here and the Showcase forum have dropped dramatically.

  16. We are too, Momfog - very much so!!!!

  17. Is it balancing out in the overall stats? Surely, the upgrade has helped overall. That's weird, though. Why should inhouse be any different?

  18. Referrals from the forums has probably dropped as people already know your blog

  19. I don't understand it either - but then, the cliks out? Now registers as a click out - LOL - so I am very confused!

    Overall? Monday was normal, Tuesday around 158 (slow day) and Wednesday (it is now Thrsday morning here (well, midnight) was my lowest this month. But my post Tuesdya night was technical, not too much love and romance!

    @tltcl - don't think so - it was an immediate and noticeable drop - from 10+ a day to 0 - 2 from the Forums.

    BEDTIME! Have a good day folks, I must sleep!!

  20. 158 page views is a slow day?! Now you're just showing off!

  21. Wow I have a long long way to go before I get a 158!

    I use facebook. I am looking for facebook groups too now.
    I dislike twitter. Besides I would have almost the same crowd on both the places anyways.
    I am registered to another networking site (which is for management studies aspirants and students only) so I get a little traffic from there as well.
    But the traffic from all these places is sporadic and certainly not enough!

  22. thequietvoice18

    Sometimes I use the publicize feature to share my posts on Facebook, but I have to be careful because some of the things I write about my peers might not be too fond of... I also post a link to my blog on every book review I do on Goodreads, and that brings in a couple of hits every day. I probably should get a twitter soon. Lately my average hits per day has been 100-150, which is nice.

  23. I never thought about putting a link on my goodreads reviews. I guess I should get in the habit of putting a link on everything.

    My hits vary so much and I really don't see a pattern. Weekends are usually the worst and then last Saturday I had 176, which is on the higher end of the spectrum. Then this past Friday I had 79, the low end. The time in between is all over the place. Weird.

  24. I just realized something I've done differently this week.

    I removed Blog Surfer. It's great for bolstering the confidence of a new blogger and it hurt, but it had to go. Most of the hits are click-throughs and I'm not interested in huge home page numbers since all my posts have the read more feature.

    The stats page looked better, but it felt like cheating. Anyone else use Blog Surfer and disagree with my take on it?

  25. Mighty depressing... I hope for 20 a day right now... and don't always get it

  26. Try Blog Surfer. Most might click through but you might gain some readers. Especially if you have entire posts showing.

    BTW, Don't get depressed. It takes lots of time and effort. My lowest day was 4. Everybody was new at first.

  27. I had 64 hits my first day, and 12 the next. It was pretty disheartening. But the internet is like high school: you've got to put out to be popular, so keep blogging. I passed three million hits last year.

  28. I'm putting out and intend to keep it up but 3 million is a big number. When did you start blogging?

  29. I think I started on five and a half years ago.

  30. I'm a complete dork, but I figured it out. Based on my first four months of blogging, it would take me over 90 years to reach 3 million hits.

    11,000 (#of hits in 4 months) x 3 = 33,000 hits in a year

    3,000,000 / 33,000 = 90.909090 years

    Do you know any 123-year-old bloggers? :-)

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