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offsite blog promotion - how much do you do?

  1. No, you're misunderstanding. It grows not in a linear fashion but in exponential fashion once you've caught on. Once you've made Google your bitch. There's a magic point, often about a year in of daily blogging and Click, all of a sudden the internet is putting out for you.

  2. I was starting to see the beginnings of real results from search engines - until the instructions for a domain upgrade were not clear and I re-verified only to discover later I should not have.

    So I am recovering from that little glitch, I suppose!

  3. @raincoaster I know that's not how it works. I was being...ironical? Whatever the word, I didn't pull it off. Just to make sure I do understand, it's

    1. Make Google my bitch.
    2. Post daily for a year
    3. Look for the magic point.
    4. Get 3 million hits (after 5 years of hard work, daily writing, and wicked good content)

    @team I am upgrading. To be clear, don't re-verify. It's done automatically?

  4. I'm still working that one out with Support, but it seems not.

    I'm trying to get Support to write CLEAR documentation for those who are effectively "converting" to a domain upgrade, rather than getting it from scratch. There is still the question of needing a "new" Google account if you want the email addy - which I did, of course!

    I'll let you know what I find out, but it would seem hold off on the re-verify.

  5. My thanks to everyone who is posting to this thread and sharing their approaches to offsite blog promotion and experiences too. :)

  6. lettershometoyou

    I'm on a forum called Toytown for English-speaking expats in Germany. I drop a link to my blog on occasion if a topic is discussing something I've blogged about, but I never create a topic just to promote a post - that's bad form.

  7. @letters
    It's so good to see you post here. I have never heard of ToyTown and now I'm curious but I'm no an ex-pat. In fact I consider you to be a Cancuk and I always will. :)

  8. Good grief! I mean "Canuck" as in Canadian.

  9. betweenthemusic

    My first blog, was fairly easy to propogate as being mainly poetry orientated I had gotten into some extensive poetry prompting sites which a) increased my posting rate and b) greatly increased my reading traffic. I also utilised the wordpress dashboard tool of automatic Facebook publishing when I uploaded a new post to the blog. I also built up a fair amount of subscriptions (21 last count) and get a reasonable amount of views per day even now without having posted anything for a couple of weeks.
    The reason for the non posting is my second blog, under this user name. It has taken up all my time since early may. I get a lot more satisfaction from writing it, but my reader base is considerably less than Words Asunder. I manually post a Facebook link when I'm ready and I also advise a couple of other forums I subscribe too that I've updated. I do get far more search engine visitors with this blog though and I also rely quite heavily on these forums for readers (so what are you waiting for??)

  10. @betweenthemusic
    re: your poetry orientated blog and social networking
    I'm wondering if this post my readers and I constructed (note the comments) would be of any help to you.

  11. After reading TT's above artivle, I have submitted myself to the Google Directory (I think I have - it was rather confusing) and also submitted a membership to WritersFace.

    TT, you are just trying to get us all into trouble, I can feel it in my bones! LOL

  12. Ciao.
    I try to promote my blog as much as I can, wherever I can. I mean, that's why I'm writing it, right?
    So, I facebook and twitter my posts. And Im a member over on where I have my blog linked up to my profile.
    When I read, I comment and thank. I think that's also important in promoting a blog.

  13. How about very odd off-site promotion?

    I got a private message on twitter as follows:

    Leave a comment on my award-winning blog and I'll find 5 of your Tweets I like and RT!

    My response?

    I don't see the ROI in that, somehow. How about you read my award winning blog and then I'll visit yours? :))

    If he'd said something about "You might be interested in my blog" or "I think we have some content in common" or something............. ANYTHING other than trying to buy a comment with retweets..................

  14. lettershometoyou

    @timethief - you can call me Ian! I always sign my comments ian in hamburg, but here, it just comes up with the blog name

  15. Yo Ian. You can call me TiTi as everyone does. ;)

  16. Given that my insite blog promotion has has dried-up (no longer a new blog, and a bit niche, the showcase post don't pull in like at first) I'm promoting off-site more by visiting posts promoted on twitter (topic similar) and commenting... so far got a few connections with others.....

  17. @teamoyeniyi That's spam. Unfollow the person who suggested it to you and ignore it.

  18. @raincoaster - The writer doesn't think it is spam! That is the crazy part. His blog is actually very legit, if you are onto US politics.

    Like you, I classify it as spam.

  19. plasticdaffodils

    How I promote my blog:
    -Post to Facebook
    -Post to StumbleUpon, DIGG, and Reddit

    I'm thinking about starting a Twitter that's linked to my blog too.

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