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Offsite hosted image

  1. Ok I like to use photobucket for uploading my images because I may run out of my space here, not that I have used it, but better I start with an offsite image host. I've looked around for similar cases but have not found one, that is like mine, hope that is ok.

    My problem is I went ahead and added two small graphics in .gif format to one of my pages you can see it here well the problem is that it has a black background and if you view the image itself it does not have that blackbackground. They are also linked to where I got them from. I don't want them as thumbnails because they are so small I don't need to have it that way. Does anyone know this is happening? Help please!

    Thank you in advance.

  2. its because of your theme CSS (restricted by your current theme), if you can edit it css code (if you already buy the upgrade) try editing this line at the style.css :

    img {<br /> margin: 0px 2px 0px 2px;<br /> padding: 2px;<br /> border: 2px solid #C8C6BA;<br /> background-color: #000;<br /> }


    img {<br /> margin: 0px 2px 0px 2px;<br /> padding: 2px;<br /> border: 2px solid #C8C6BA;<br /> background-color: transparent;<br /> }

    for example on how it'll looks like go to my test page at

  3. Oh wow I didn't know that was the cause. Unfortunately I don't have an upgrade and don't see myself getting one anytime soon. Would it make a difference if hosted the image? Because I see no other solution but to just leave it as it sad to say, but thank you for helping me out.

  4. since its because of the theme you're using restrict it, i dont think it'll make any difference :)

    btw i always use photobucket to store all my images and link from it and that means i still have 25 MB free on wordpress :D (and just a side note ... i dont have wordpress upgrade too) :(

  5. Maybe if someone would like to volenteer to edit those pics to match the background of the image with the theme in question....

    Probably take two seconds. I can't today because I'm on my locked down terminal with no hard drive. *sigh*

  6. Thats alright, I would of been adding more anyway and I'll have to look up and see how to edit them if at all. Maybe this is something can fix or change so that images are always transparent. I truly am appreciative of both your time. I am loving this forum already. Thanks again.

  7. There's also Flickr. But I keep on asking a question on their forum with no luck yet. :(

  8. Gotta say you guys have it good around here. Many support forums are liek Flickrs and Meebo's with many threads going unanswered.

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