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offsite mailing list provider?

  1. Does anyone know of a 3rd party provider of update alerts via email. The majority of my readers do not understand what RSS is but would like updates via email. It is quite simple to write an application that checks the site for updates and then emails a list of people when it sees a new post. In fact, it could be based on the RSS feed. But before I go off and write one, I'm curious if one doesn't already exist. In fact, I assume one does. does anyone know where?

  2. In fact, it could be based on the RSS feed. But before I go off and write one

    So why not write a tutorial on RSS and its use for your readers?

  3. Writing tutorials can be a pain. Actually took a technical writing course while in college. Lots of fun. :)

    We covered this in this thread here.

    Another method you can use is a page updating service. I actually run one myself and would not feel comfortable pointing you in the direction of any. A simple google search for 'update notification' pulls up a few links directly to them as well as pages that use services like these. (ie follow the links to the service and signup your own site.) If you go that route, then all you would have to do is provide a link in your links sidebar that says something like "Update Notification" and point them at the service.

    They exist. Most of them are advertising driven so they'll include an advert in the emails that they send out.

    Hope this helps,

  4. The readers of my blog are not the technical type so explaining RSS or feedburner are out of the question. I looked around as suggested and found the following update site:

    this will probably be fine except that it will update even when the text "comments 0" turns to "comments 1" on the page.

    I think I will build an RSS based service I suppose, since no one else has done this, or so it appears

  5. Are you looking for something like

  6. Another thing you could do is just set up one of those free mailing lists and send out an email whenever you make a post. You wouldn't be able to do it for comments unless you sat there on your blog but it would be a start.


  7. I forgot to mention that Feedblitz allows your readers to subscribe to receive the RSS feed via email.

    I have it employed on my blog successfully.

  8. If someone would like to <hint>suggest</hint> one of the "Email when a site updates" services, feel free. I'm unable to as its a conflict of interest for me. :)


  9. thanks for the suggestions. Now the only issue is the ability to add items to my template. Is there a template that would allow me to add a form to the side?

  10. yes

  11. And those would be??? If you're trying to be helpful, you need to be more specific. As far as I know, there aren't any.

    Forms per se are not allowed at, but you can use the Contact form, in a blog post or on a static page, to collect email addresses, if the Feedblitz workaround isn't something you want to do.

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