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    I would love to use Offsite Redirect since my traffic has been cut in half with my move to self-hosted. However, I want to retain access to my old blog posts and comments. I did the import/export a few months before the move and as I’m going through the archives I notice that some are missing some of the posts or some of the comments (in some cases, all of the comments). I would like to be able to continue to search posts and comments on my old .com blog. Will that still be available via Dashboard if I use Redirect? THANKS!

    The blog I need help with is


    That is a good question, and one I’m afraid I cannot answer, but I’ll tag this thread for staff attention and hopefully they will pop in and answer it.



    @susangpyp, your Dashboard works just as it always did even if you have the Offsite Redirect upgrade.



    Thank you. My blog is still very important to me! (resulted in a book deal, tv appearances etc). I am not sure that I have all the old posts on the new blog so this news makes me happy. Thank you again!

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