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Offsite Redirect needed ? migrating to another registrar

  1. I am migrating to , retaining my domain name, but changing registrar , kindly let me know if Offsite Redirect is needed ?
    Would I lose SEO ranking and site stats ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you have been using domain mapping for a while, and using the mapped domain as your primary name then you don't really need Offsite redirect. Just change the domain to point to your .org hosting - this is the URL that will be in search engines anyway.

    I assume that you will be importing your existing posts and want to retain SEO ranking here. I remember someone (timethief I think) saying that you had to use a certain option on the .org URL handling to make it use the same URL names as If you do that then all links and searches should be preserved. I can't remember what this option is though ... maybe someone else can help.

  3. @tandava108: I think you are referring to permalinks settings on

  4. Thanks, that was the one. The option is to set permalinks to use "Date and Name Based":

  5. thanx @tandava108 @airodyssey

    "Using Permalinks" link was a great help..

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