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Often returning theme request

  1. I've got more than 30 e-mails about it now, so I'll better pass it on to you... A lot of users contact me and ask me how to get the WP-Andreas01 theme (and in a few more recent e-mails, the Daleri Selection theme - both available on the Theme Viewer site) into their hosted blogs. I keep on sending them back here to send the request directly to, but the e-mails keep on coming. I've started playing around with Sandbox so that I could perhaps provide a Sandbox CSS version of these themes for users, but I'd still like to pass on the requests here to make sure that they reach the right persons.

    Don't take this as self-promo. I would never do something like that. Just want to contribute, honestly. :)

  2. Oops, this is of course not a support question. Just "ideas", sorry!

  3. No problem Andreas. You can bet that we volunteers hear from the same people here to, not that we can do anything for them. Obviously posting to the forum both for the bloggers involved and for yourself is an exercise in futility that leads to nowhere. As far as we know Matt makes the theme decisions and that suggests that he should be approached directly.

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