Oh dear! Category Cloud widget won’t update!

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    I created my category widget a few days ago, and tonight i’ve created a new category which has one post to it’s name. however, the category is no where to be seen in my category cloud.

    I’ve tried dragging my CC widget out of my selected widget column and then dragging it back on the edit-widget page. still no new category!

    Any suggestions??



    This may sound strange, but do you have the number of categories to show being larger than the amount of categories that you have? Don’t think their is a minimum posts in a category to show, but I haven’t seen anything on that. As well, sometimes the sidebar can be slow to show changes since it is synced with data across multiple servers, but not days…..



    I’m having the same problem. My max is set to 85, but I have way fewer categories than that. It hasn’t updated in several weeks.



    Volunteers do not have backend access to blogs, only staff do. If you have had this problem for weeks then it seems that you ought to contact staff. Here’s the link http://wordpress.com/contact-support/ and support hours are 9-5 PM Pacific time on weekdays.



    I have the same problem.. when I post a new entry, the category cloud is updated with the new categories….but only for a few minutes. Then the new categories are gone again and may reappear or not. This mostly happens when I change something at the widgets page in general.

    Help me :D please~

    My blog adress is http://taion.wordpress.com



    Please understand that all data in your sidebar widgets is cached and that it will take time to update. Sometimes it takes only seconds depending on the server load and timeframe defined and sometimes it takes longer. If you problem still persists tomorrow morning then please contact staff using the “support” button on the top right hand corner of your blog on the dashboard side. Support hours are Mondays – Fridays 8AM – 4PM, Pacific time.



    yes~ i think so, but the problem is that it keeps changing from updated to not updated every once in a while. so i believe that something maaay~ be wrong there, who knows ^^

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