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Oh no, my blog is the same as another!

  1. MY name on my blog is the same as another, but I thought of it, and checked google to make sure! I don't want to get yelled at, what do i do?

  2. @narudog
    Hi there. Are you talking about your username being the same as someone else's username at another blog host?
    Or are you talking about the name of your blog being the same as the name of another blog on another blog host?

  3. My blog Club Penguin Plaza, is the same name as another one, but the person that made the other one used his username for the url, so it did not show up on google when I searched Club Penguin Plaza. I am worried that I will get in trouble.

  4. Don't worry. You can change the name of your blog very easily.
    => Dashboard => Options => General Options
    You can change the blog name on this page and then click "Update Options" to save it. :)

  5. But I made a banner for it too...huh. I think I will just leave it. I don't think he will mind.

  6. Okay it's up to you. :)

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