ok for 3 days now images are not showing!

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    for the last 3 days i noticed when i loaded my page a little screen icon picture shown where images should be loading then about 4-5 re-fresh clicks they load up on the page. today i tried uploading new images the images says uploaded
    but when i check my library and click on show on any of the 100’s of images i have in my library none show any thumb nails at the side. and if you try to insert them into the post they show the missing lil icon.

    right clicking on the icon file shows the advanced properties tab looking in their no link to the image is there lol
    it’s like this for all my images now on my site (the images previously posted before 3 days ago are there)

    but if i try to add any images or upload any images what so ever from the PC or whats already in the library
    then it says their added but clearly the image itself is missing and so is the actual link tot he image in advanced tab.

    anyone else experiencing this strange problem?

    The blog I need help with is grxreview.wordpress.com.



    I am using Firefox 6.0 and I can see images that are large colorful and resemble advertising all over your front page. If you cannot see them then you probably have a browser issue. Please try clearing your browser cache and cookies. If your browser is outdated then yo can upgrade any browse here.



    you don’t get it i’m talking about it’s a temp issue it sometimes show sometimes doesn’t.

    the last 10 mins i have uploaded images, and they have shown in the editor straight away, but other times i have uploaded images and they don’t show for a good 10 mins!

    same as when loading the website. Some times they show and load instantly and other times they show that missing icon, icon until the images load.

    example http://grxreview.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/install-nagscreen.jpg is 1 image i clicked this and it just kept trying to load and load and load. then all of a sudden it appeared. Then when i tried to re-load the page again it was there instantly, then when i tried to re-load again it was missing, same goes for adding files from media library sometime they show instant other times takes over 10 mins to appear.

    this was never like this before it’s not my browser it’s the server lagging on displaying the images it started 3 days ago.



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