Ok, now here is something weird?

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    As I stated back on my other question about the picture not uploading, well I got another problem. This time, it deals with the emails.

    There are two places in wordpress that use email addresses. We got the admin email, and the other email address. Problem is, I want notifications about people commenting on my blog, or somebody answering a question here on support sent to my admin email address. It is located in the dashboard in settings>general.

    Now there is another email address that has, “will not be publicly displayed” on the right side. When you log in, you have the primary blog with the email address and the other stuff appear the moment you log in. Now, when timethief replied to a previous question that dealt with the picture, I got a notification sent to my other email, not the email used as admin.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? Or did I do something wrong when I changed the email address for the one with “will not be publicly displayed”.

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