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Old account lost, need help recovering

  1. Okay so I created a new account here with the main purpose of regaining my old account.

    Now there are some problems with this. I do not remember the email address to the account, meaning I do not have any of the proper proofs to go along with it. I never created a blog post to my knowledge, and the only thing I remember about it is the username as I've tried to create an account on a different website, but it says the name Rhawk has already been taken, and I remember signing up on here once in the past with that username.

    Any help with this manner would be gratefully appreciated.

  2. You're saying is you?

    Why don't you just change your Display Name, on the Profile page of your dashboard? That's a lot easier.

  3. While I could do this, I specifically need that account back so I can know what email I exactly used with that account. Plus I'd be using both account for totally different purposes if I decided to use both.

  4. There is only one means of account recovery. You can complete the form for account recovery at this link and submit it to the Account Recovery Staff so they can contact you by email ie. not on these public support forums which are available to everyone with internet access.

  5. I tried to fill in this form, and even if I have the url of the account I wish t recieve now (Much apreciated raincoaster), I still need to fill in one of the proof of ownership boxes, which I cannot as I never made a transaction with the Rhawk account, and I've lost the original email, meaning I have no access to either the activation url/key or the two factor authentication codes.

    Unless there is still a way to key any of the three from my current email address?

  6. Two factor authentication didn't exist when that account was created. That's not a factor unless you added it afterwards, in which case you can recover the account if you still have the phone.

  7. I have a phone, and it does mention using an authenticator app, which one should I look out for?

  8. No idea, I suggest you look up Two Factor Authentication in the support documents

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