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Old account purge - Gravatar

  1. I've been a user for quite some time. While I never really needed to create a account, I was soon forced to, due to the ever-increasing Gravatar use.

    Unfortunately my usual username has been taken, by a user whom I contacted. His wordpress site hasn't seen any activity since 2006 and yet still hasn't been purged.

    According to the support, any inactive account will be purged - I thought 6years would be a good amount of time to have zero activity and be flagged as a purge?

    ps: the user showed very little enthusiasm to login (lost the password) and delete the account. I went as far as sending him a password reminder but never saw any action.

    What can/should be done, so that I can make proper use of this username and finally be able to setup my gravatar?

  2. It is my understanding that usernames cannot be reused on There is no "purging" every six years. (You must be remembering information from another site.)

    You can change both your account username (the name you use to login) and your display name (the name that is seen on your posts and comments).

    Once you change your username you will not be able to change it back and the old name will not be available for anyone else to use. If you just want to show your name differently please only change your Display Name.

  3. You could ask him nicely to transfer the account to you, using the steps outlined in the support pages. But if he doesn't want to do that, there's not much you can do. (Even if he deletes his blog, his account will still exist.)

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