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old blog taking up a URL

  1. Hey there.

    Does anyone know if WordPress will ever honor requests to delete old blogs (for instance, one from 2006 that doesn't have a single post) in order to free up the URL?

    Blog url:

  2. Blogs that have been deleted by the owner will remain deleted. We cannot, under any circumstances, allow someone to take over a blog name that was previously owned and deleted by its original/previous owner.

  3. ~~Tess

    Blogs belong to those who registered them. There is no expiration date on blogs unused or otherwise. If you can make contact on your own then there is a means of a consenting blog owner to transfer the blog to another username account. In the case that there is no contact information Staff will not breach the privacy policy and provide you with an email address.

    You can register another blog on a subdomain with a similar name.

    Or you can register a domain via a domain mapping upgrade and it will not matter what the underlying address is.

  4. @1tess - Thank you for the recycling blog names link; I was looking for something like that, just couldn't find it. I apologize for asking a question which was already so clearly answered elsewhere :)

    @timethief - Thanks especially for the tip about domain mapping, and for your quick response!

  5. You're welcome. :)

  6. @mabbattista
    lots of questions have been asked and answered many times before, but it is not always easy to find them.

    timethief gave you some viable alternatives to claiming the url you want. I completely forgot about the domain mapping alternative. I'm such a cheapskate that I don't think about a paid alternative. Even my family bothers me about that.

    LOL! Best wishes on your blogging.


  7. ~~Tess
    I pay for a No-Ads upgrade but there's no way I'll purchase another upgrade of any kind. Being thrifty is a virtue; living beyond one's means is pandering to vice.

  8. Oops! I forgot that I also have domain mapping upgrades. I consider a domain to be essential when one is a serious blogger who is determinied to blog over the long term.

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