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Old domain hacked

  1. thematicsatire

    In the last week or so, deleted my site

    This was previously, but some weeks or months back I reverted back to, rather than .com

    A hacker has gained access to, and has replaced the site with malicious content. Worse still, they have added links to my Facebook page and my Twitter.

    Firstly, how can I get the old domain purged completely of malicious content?

    Secondly, what are my legal options? Can I prosecute the person who did this?

  2. thematicsatire

    Just to clarify... it is the OLD domain name that has been hacked, not the new one.

  3. I'm afraid there is nothing we can do as far as the domain registration for It appears to be registered through enom, so it is completely out of our hands.

    As for your legal options, you would need to talk to a lawyer. staff are not qualified to give legal advice on this sort of thing, I'm afraid.

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