Old domain has been deleted and I can't use it again

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    Dear all,

    About one year ago I have created my blog. However, I have not been able to really use until this week when I wanted to start to work on it’s content.

    When I connected to my space, I realised that the blog has been deleted. However, when I want to recreate a blog with the same domain, I can’t because it states that the domain is being used (but in reality it is not).

    Do you know how my old domain can be “unblocked” so that I can use it again?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    K. Sanders

    The blog I need help with is krstsanders.wordpress.com.



    Actually, the post states that I need help with krstsanders.wordpress.com, but the real domain name I need is karstsanders.wordpress.com

    Thank you.



    @moderator : would it be possible to delete this post please?



    Hi there, once deleted, a blog address cannot be restored. There were multiple warnings in the process and you were required to confirm the action before the blog was deleted. You currently don’t have any blogs under your username.

    We also don’t delete forum topics because we want all users to benefit from the answers. (The only possible exceptions are when a forum post contains personally identifiable information, which we remove, or violates Terms of Service or Code of Conduct.)



    I’d like to use a specific blog name that I’m told is already in use. But, when I entered that blog’s web address, the page revealed that the blog had been deleted. How then , can I access and use that blog’s name for my own? Since the original blog was deleted, isn’t that name placed back in the database for use by the public again?


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