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Old link in Windows Live Space Stop working?

  1. My blog is moved from Windows Live Space.
    The link(url) in Windows Live Space form works fine in the past, it will redirect to the right post in last days.

    For example, when access the url!E0070FB8ECF9015F!3096.entry , it should be redirect to the page .

    But I found it stop working today. It just take me to the main page of my blog.
    It the redirection service stop?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The redirecting was done on Microsoft's end of things, so you would have to see what they say. You might try looking around at the live help center.

  3. Hallo

    I have the same problem since yesterday and I lost 5 years of old link on WLS (2005 - 2010)!

    Yesterday I submitted a request to Microsoft (I'm Italian) but not yet received a response

  4. Thanls for your replies.

    I also summit to Windows Live Solution Center (In Chinese and English)

    Hope we can get positive answer...

  5. We can only wait and hope

    If Microsoft will give a negative response I have to manually correct more than 1000 links to my posts in my blog and forums

  6. Now the staff in windows Live Help Center said I should ask the team of

    Any idea of this problem?

  7. Sorry for the trouble!

    We're looking into this.

  8. The problem seams had been fixed!
    The Windows Live Space link wiorks again~

    Thanks a lot~

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