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    Could someone explain to a 60-year old how blogging works? We have set up a blog, but there is a lot of terminology that is greek to me. What are the basics necessary to use a blog for posting a commentary and reading what others have to say on their blogs?



    Your age has no bearing on the issue; there are bloggers much older than that around, and some of us aren’t much younger either.

    Do you want to read blogs and comment, or do you want to blog? They’re different skill sets and different sets of resources.

    Not all blogs enable comments, but those that do generally have a link called “Comment on this post” or “8 comments” or something like that, either at the top or bottom. Click on that and you’ll see a box at the bottom of the comments where you can type what you have to say; you can’t edit it once it’s posted, so check it over and make sure it’s right, then hit Comment or Publish or whatever word is on the button underneath the box.

    As for reading blogs, read away. You can start at WordPress.com, where they list the hot blogs and hot posts of the day, or just go to your own blog and hit the arrow in the top right-hand corner, which will take you to a randomly selected “next blog”.



    I think the resource links in this thread will be helpful https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=5257&page&replies=19



    thanks–i think the tutorial will be very helpful–



    So you want to blog, rather than read and comment?



    I think raincoaster answered the read and comment questions very well. I just offered some wordpress reference links including one to a wordpress beginner tubetorial.



    I’m not on board with saying 60 is an “old person” but I get what you’re saying. Here’s what I did, and I highly recommend this. I invited one of my daughter’s college friends over to sit beside me and help me launch my blog.

    Every college is full of kids like Jonathan who have been keeping blogs since they were thirteen. He’s a founding member of http://www.mydd.com, one of the first and biggest political blogs. I made him fudge brownies and gave him a hundred bucks and we sat down and created the presentation, customized the header and sidebar, created a post, uploaded photos and added some widgets. Within a couple of hours I had a blog and felt confident about going it alone. Writing new posts is not that different from writing an e-mail, except you should be more careful about spelling.

    So…my advice would be to go to the local college or even high school, or perhaps put a posting on craigslist, asking for a “blog-mentor” and naming a fair price for his or her time.

    Hope this helps,



    that’s a good idea if a person wants a one-on-one, hands on tutorial, which is what most of the older generation who wants to blog want.



    If my ex (Miss How do I turn on the computer?) can blog… :)



    There’s a 78-year-old grandmother on my blogroll, Cranky Grammy, and she runs an entertainment/gossip site. But I told her I don’t believe she’s 78 and that it’s all her/his BRILLIANT marketing scheme. lol



    And then there’s the wonderful Australian “blob” of Ms. Olive Riley:


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