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    I prefer using the old post editor. for some time when I ended up in the new post editor there was a button that allowed me to return to the old editor. This has disappeared. how do I get my old editor back.
    Also your site’s access to getting help is getting mush worse. I have spent the last half hour just trying to find a way of asking this question.

    The blog I need help with is jabberwockystew.net.



    Hi karllueck,

    To use the classic editor when you edit posts, please go the Posts -> All Posts menu, hover over the post title and click the Edit link.
    I hope this helps!



    See the forum thread https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/please-reinstate-the-option-of-choice-to-use-the-old-publishing-format?replies=942

    You’ll have to use one of the solutions mentioned there to get back to the Classic Editor. WP is no longer providing a link to it but are promising it will not be deleted. They’re trying to force everyone to use the New Editor.



    See here for all the workarounds in one place: http://git.io/wpcom-restore-classic-ed



    In the end I found a simpler way. In the main drop down dashboard menu, if you click on the “Add” to the right of “Blog Posts” it takes you to the new post editor. However if you click on the words “Blog Posts” it takes you to your all posts page and opens a sub menu. The “Add New” link here takes you to the old editor. To make sure that they do not “fix” this link, I then bookmarked the page with the old editor.

    It is sad when “improvements” do more harm than good and that to keep the things you want have to be linked outside the program to be accessed. The days of “user friendly” and “customer centered design” are things of the past.

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