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    I have just started this blog and only have two posts. My problem is that on the homepage, my first post is coming up completely italicised although when I click on it, it is in its normal format. It is just on the homepage that it is wrong. I’ve check and the format is Standard so I don’t think it it the post format.
    Any help appreciated!
    Thanks :)


    The blog I need help with is braziliansongtranslations.wordpress.com.



    Edit the post. Switch to the Text (HTML) editor and below the second video remove the <em> HTML tag that’s causing the italics.



    Have just tried to add a text widget to my sidebar. All of the text – both title and body – comes out in gray italics. How do I control that?





    Thanks so much timethief


    I am having a similar problem. Some of my posts are appearing in italics on the front page but are not in italics when I click on that individual post. I have checked and re-checked for misplaced or tags while in the text editor to no avail. I have also completely removed italicized text from certain posts, leaving no tags at all, and they are still showing up in italics. I tried two different themes–same problem. The problem posts appear in italics on the main page, but not when I click on their titles and not when I click on ‘view post’ after editing them. I even deleted some of the problem posts, thinking there was an issue with code clinging to items I cut and pasted from Evernote, and then the remaining posts which HADN’T previously been italicized started appearing that way after the deletions. I searched support and forums trying to find out whether this was some kind of ‘mark as read’ or something with the theme, and can’t find anything. It’s driving me insane! Any help would be appreciated.

    The address in question is (email redacted).


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