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Old published post disappears when I publish a new post

  1. This is weird, and it's happened twice today already. The first time it happened, I just put it down as a freak thing, but it happened again!

    Basically, what happens is that when I publish a new post, the previously published post before it disappears. As in, NADA. Not on my dashboard at all, not on the blog at all. For a brief time, it's seen on my feed, but that eventually updates. I've had to re-post two of my old posts just today - good thing I had a draft saved off-line. Is it just me or is there something weird happening on wordpress?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. My post has just disappeared too.

    It was one that was already published that I just made a couple of changes to and now it's gone. A bit frustrating.

    I found this old post from a while back -

    I guess we'll have to email support...

  3. Contact support via the Contact Support page. That'll get their attention faster.

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